Suzuki TS 125 C/C2 78 Безсальниковий ланцюг DID зміцнений [AA9911]

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Suzuki TS 125 C/C2 78 Безсальниковий ланцюг DID зміцнений
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DID 428 HD Heavy Duty Chain

As well as using solid bushing, which can last 1.2 to 4 times as long as chains without, DID's HD Heavy Duty chain features thicker plates than the standard chain, and its tensile strength is roughly 20% higher. As with all DID chains, it is made with the latest chain manufacturing technology by DID's experienced engineers in Japan, at the high quality DID is so renowned for.

Pin Length Roller Diameter Plate Thickness Weight Tensile Strength Colour
18.90mm 8.50mm 2.0mm 1.00kg per 100 links 23.4KN Plain

If the original equipment chain was an O-Ring or X-Ring chain, it must be replaced with a sealed chain of equal or greater strength.

For more information about transmission chains, take a look at our Chain Maintenance Guide or our Chain Dimensions Guide

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Усі ціни вказано у фунтах стерлінгів (GBP) та включають ПДВ за ставкою 20%, якщо необхідно. ПДВ буде виключено з вартості при оформленні замовлення за межі Європейського Союзу.



Найменування Ціна Кількість  
Безсальниковий ланцюг DID зміцнений [AA9911]
£ 22.16 Information Додаткова інформація
Supplied with one spring link. More spring links, and rivet links, are available.